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We know a helmet bag is no good if it weighs you down or adds clutter to your load. With EZ-GO, bikers and riders of all kinds can finally keep their helmets on deck, all the time! Our patented design goes above and beyond to maximize the comfort and reliability of your hands-free helmet strap:


  • Adjustable for Riders of All Sizes – From 50-66”, EZ-GOs are made for the whole family!
  • Designed for All Destinations – Whether you carry your helmet around work, school, or open road trips, the sleek and unisex design of your EZ-GO works in any environment.
  • EZ Storage – Forget the mess! Your EZ-GO rolls up to just 3.5” in diameter.
  • Fits Any Helmet – One strap fits all! And for those that have a magnet or ratchet buckle, simply buckle your helmet and loop the EZ-GO through the closed chin strap.
  • Sturdy, Not Dirty – Synthetic polyester fibers and soft mesh keep the air in and the odors out!


EZ-GO padded helmet straps are made to carry more than just bicycle helmets. From your everyday commute to extreme sports, try yours out as a…


  • Commuter bike helmet strap
  • Segway, longboard, and scooter helmet strap
  • Rollerblading, skateboarding, and hoverboarding helmet strap
  • Mountain bike, dirt bike, and electric bicycle helmet strap
  • Snowboarding and skateboarding helmet strap


Improve every ride with a convenient & safe, so practical you’ll use over and over.

copy of EZ-GO Helmet Carrier Strap for Bicycles, Electric Bikes, Boarding &

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